Matt Holt

Matt is originally from a small English city called Hereford which is known for its cider, cows, and the Mappa Mundi (a very old map). He has lived in Manchester for 11 years and is still surprised by just how much it rains there. He has been a professional actor since 2015 and has appeared in a variety of productions, including a sofa commercial with a CGI sloth called Neal. Sadly, Owen Wilson replaced Matt in subsequent adverts but he’s still in touch with Neal. When he isn’t acting, Matt enjoys reading, writing, and going to the cinema. He’s a big sports fan too and will be missing his weekly game of 5-a-side. Whether his team will miss him is a different matter. He is very excited to visit Austria for the first time and get to know the country and its people!

Peter Shipway

Peter was born and raised in Birmingham. He went on to the University of Manchester to get a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Music, where he met his (now) fiancée, who convinced him to train at Sharpe Academy in London. Peter graduated with a Postgraduate diploma in Musical Theatre and Acting in 2021, and now works as an actor-musician and music teacher. When he isn’t teaching, acting, or tap-dancing, Peter can be found listening to music, playing one of his four instruments (Saxophone, Piano, Clarinet and Flute), or playing video games on his Nintendo Switch – although he admits it is most likely to be the latter! Peter is thrilled to be working with the Viennese English Theatre, and cannot wait to travel and perform around Austria for the first time.

Noga Inspector
Jazz Jones

Noga grew up in London. She performed in musicals in the West End as a teenager and graduated from dance and musical theatre school in 2020. As well as acting, she loves dancing and has trained in many different styles including Contemporary, Ballet, Hiphop and Jazz. When she’s not performing, she works for a politician doing research on Climate Change. She loves music, cycling, learning new things and listening to podcasts. She is very excited to explore Austria!

Charlie Ives

Charlie grew up in the Midlands (right in the middle of the UK, in the countryside) and did an English Literature & Drama degree at the University of Birmingham before moving to London to train as an actor at the Arts Educational School. When she’s not acting she enjoys teaching, reading, playing the piano and the church organ. She is also trying to learn to play the accordion but is finding it incredibly difficult, and she’s not sure her neighbours enjoy hearing her practising (badly)! Charlie loves the opportunity to travel for work, and has performed all over the UK, as well as Italy, Hong Kong and Singapore. She can’t wait to visit Austria for the first time.