Jerome Dowling

Jerome is a 27-year-old actor who has lived all across the UK and spent extended time in the cities of London, Manchester and Southampton. He trained at the Manchester School of Theatre between 2013 and 2016 and has been fortunate enough to work on a great array of stage, screen and radio works in the UK and internationally. Jerome hails from a theatrical background with his father and mother meeting at the Royal Shakespeare Company while working separately as an actor and a dresser. This will be Jerome’s first time in Austria in any capacity and he is very excited to explore and discover its sights and secrets! Aside from performing, Jerome is a keen and experienced video gamer and hopes to one day make the break into motion capture performance for gaming and animation.

Max Kinder

Max was born in Winchester before moving to London to study Acting and Musicianship, graduating in 2021. He is an avid reader and can often be surrounded in a nest of books with a big mug of tea to one side and a playlist in the background. He is also a keen gamer and loves bringing friends in to play video games or a session of Dungeons and Dragons! Max has never been to Austria before and is itching to be travelling and working somewhere new after a year staying at home.

Abigail Rogers

Abigail is an Actor and Musician from the south of England and is a graduate of Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. After graduating during the pandemic she is so excited to be able to come to Austria and perform. Aside from performing, Abigail has a keen interest in history and loves watching documentaries. She hopes to combine her love of acting and history together at some point in her career. She is passionate about make-up and enjoys baking (and eating) vegan treats! Abigail is looking forward to exploring Austria as it’s her first time here and hopes that you enjoy the show.

Lexi Powel
Jazz Jones

Lexi Powell is a Welsh actor and is now based in London. She graduated from drama school, The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts, in 2019. She has performed in lots of different shows since leaving, from Shakespeare to Children’s theatre. She was lucky enough to be on tour in Austria before with Vienna’s English Theatre Company before (The Canterville Ghost) but sadly it all got cut short because of Covid! As well as acting she loves having a dip in the sea, festivals and watching the rugby. Lexi is definitely excited to be back, she loves Austria!