Becky Bartram
Jess/ Gina/ Jane

Becky is a northern actress born in West Yorkshire, but now lives by the sea in Essex where she went to drama school (hasn’t picked up the accent though!). She’s very sporty but particularly loves horse riding and kickboxing. She is training to be a stunt woman! Becky’s a massive foodie, loves cooking and eating. Travelling is a passion for her (although never been to Austria) so she is so excited to get there and meet everyone!

Ben Butler

Ben is an actor and writer from Bristol. Raised in the sunny countryside of Herefordshire, he loves video games and making films with his camera. He also enjoys singing and making music, playing piano and guitar and writing lyrics when he can, and is a big football fan. Ben graduated from Drama Centre London in 2020 and before drama school has worked with BBC Radio 4. Ben is thrilled to be making his Austrian debut with the Vienna English Theatre, and is excited to brush up on his German.

Eifion Ap Cadno

Eifion (pronounced ey-vee-on) is from North Wales: land of dragons, Welsh cakes and very fine actors. He’s lived in Cardiff and London and trained at East 15 Acting School. Eifion can vaguely remember enjoying visits to the cinema, theatre and art galleries, before spending the last eighteen months reading countless books and racking up an impressive streak on Duolingo. Currently he is learning Welsh and German! Prior to Covid, Eifion toured Austria with another play, Spooked!, which was unfortunately cut short. He can’t wait to get back out, act again and see more of this beautiful country!

Rosamund Williams

Rosamund is 23 years old and grew up in the West Midlands of England with her seven siblings, parents, two dogs and countless fish and rabbits. As a child she always knew she wanted to be a performer and did a lot of drama and singing in her local youth theatre. She reached her goal of training in a London drama school and graduated from East 15 Acting School in the summer of 2021. Alongside acting she is passionate about vegan cooking and baking, loves wild swimming and spends her free time knitting and making her friends and family macramé wall art and plant hangers. Her favourite TV show has always been Dr Who which has made her keen to travel the world and have adventures, so she is over the moon to have the opportunity to explore Austria whilst doing what she loves.