The Fame Game

Vanessa Mayfield

With a Mother who was a dancer and a father who was a singer/musician there was never any doubt that Vanessa would be theatrical. Growing up in a small town in East Sussex, Vanessa was in dancing lessons practically as soon as she could walk, she was in every school play or musical she was able to, and alongside school she regularly took part in dancing competitions and shows, winning medals for her work in Ballet, Jazz and Tap. As soon as she was old enough Vanessa went on to study Musical Theatre professionally at Stella Mann College. Vanessa’s credits include Stage: Godspell the Musical (Gilmer), The Long Road South (Ivy Price), feature films: Survivors and The Gatehouse, and award winning webseries: Outside the Box and #sketchpack.

Christopher Sawalha

Chris Sawalha is from the West Midlands area known as the Black Country – the land of great beer, coal and Heavy Metal. In his spare time he enjoys playing and making music with friends as well as spending as much time in the country side as possible. Chris is a graduate of ALRA and has been acting for just over two years now. His previous jobs have included working at Scarborough’s Stephen Joseph Theatre, Stoke on Trent’s, The New Vic Theatre as well as two tours with the outdoor theatre company Illyria. Chris is well used to the rigors of touring and has spent a lot of time carrying bits of stage and scenery up into rainy welsh castles. Chris has been to Austria once before but like Bilbo cannot wait to see mountains again. Chris is now extremely excited to get to work with Vienna’s English Theatre

Lucy Carne

Lucy Carne is extremely proud to be joining the touring cast of The Fame Game. Lucy, originally from Manchester, lives in London and has recently graduated from Guildford School of Acting, studying Musical Theatre. She first discovered her love of performing when taking part in a school production of the musical West Side Story singing some of the most beautiful songs ever written! In her spare time Lucy loves to go to the theatre, attend music concerts and festivals, visit interesting new restaurants and spend time with her family. Lucy is looking forward to having the opportunity to explore Austria while touring with this exciting production!

Tim Cooper

Tim trained at Guildford School of Acting. This is his first time working with Vienna’s English theatre and he is excited to explore Austria. Credits include: Persona Non Grata (short film), Lead vocalist with Regent cruises, Pinocchio with Strangeface theatre company, Spring Awakening (Musical), Festen by David Elderidge and Vernon God little by D.B Pierre.