Tom Wilson

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Tom graduated from Rose Bruford College in 2012 after training at the Oxford School of drama. Since graduating Tom has worked in a variety of productions in theatre, television and film. Having once played Macbeth himself whilst training, Tom is delighted to be playing Macduff and fighting for the good side this time around.

Both Tom and Tim (Macduff and Macbeth) have worked closely together before for the British army and have a good understanding of military life and one another.

Tom is an experienced stage fighter and loves to bring exciting moves and weapons into rehearsals much to the comical despair of the director Jonathan Holby.

He was born in Oxford, and is proud of its rich history. If ever visiting Oxford you may see his posters all over the city advertising the Oxford Castle Unlocked where he once was a tour guide. You may have even been on one of his tours.

Tom is a keen football and ice hockey player. His teams are Reading FC and the Anaheim Ducks. He is a huge comic book fan and you may see a subtle influence from the Walking Dead on stage today if you’re a fan of the comic or TV show, so keep your eyes peeled.

Tom hopes you enjoy the show and that you get as much enjoyment out of the fighting as he does.

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