Lizzy Trenell

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Lizzy is an Actor Musician from the North of England who loves performing in thought provoking theatre that tells important stories in a fun and unique way. She enjoys playing a variety of different styles of music, but her experience started as a classically trained instrumentalist, playing flute, saxophone, and piano. Most of her life has been spent performing in orchestras at music festivals and competitions, and she has also toured with a band around Germany and Italy. Whilst training at drama school in Leeds, Lizzy also started playing guitar (which she uses for song writing), bass guitar, and clarinet.
Although she loves playing her instruments, Lizzy found her love for stage when she started singing. She has sung in solo gigs, bands, studio recordings, choirs, music festivals, musicals, and more recently in her own songs, which she has so much fun creating. Her favourite styles to sing are Jazz and Musical Theatre, but mostly, Lizzy loves having fun whilst performing. She is full of energy, which is why she loves creating theatre that makes people smile!

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