Daniel Cornish

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Daniel is so excited to be able to be part of this show and have the opportunity to tour this magical story across Austria. Having just graduated from three years of drama school training, at the Guildford School of Acting he is so grateful to already have the opportunity to get stuck in to a project and could not have asked for a better place to train and feels so ready to enter this industry. Daniel is having an incredible time in rehearsals with the cast and the director, and is enjoying bringing this powerful and meaningful story to life. The character of the Little Prince has this wonderful naivety and confidence about him which enables him to appreciate the world and question some of its logic. He has this child-like quality which Daniel thinks will be so relatable, and familiar, to a lot of the audiences that the cast meet across the tour and he believes it will give them, in a way, the opportunity to be a part of his journey of discovery of the world. Daniel is so thankful to have the opportunity to tell this story whilst also getting the opportunity to explore Austria.

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