Claire Bowman

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Claire is an actor musician and lives in London on a canal barge. She studied English at Oxford University and, whilst there, appeared at Oxford Playhouse as ‘Katurian’ in The Pillowman and went to Japan on the International OUDS/ Thelma Holt tour in 2015 playing ‘Lady Capulet’ in Romeo and Juliet. After graduating, Claire trained as a ’scare‘ actor and worked through Halloween at the Salford Scare Maze. She also played ‘Lady Macbeth’ and Macduff in ‘Macbeth’ and ‘Celia and Audrey’ in As You Like It for the company Three Inch Fools before going on to train at the Oxford School of Drama. Her theatre credits include: Lifeboat, Smell of Lavender, ‘Masha’ in Chekhov’s Three Sisters, Picasso, Cousins and Tennessee Williams’ Spring Storm. She is very excited to be bringing Hamlet to Austrian schools this winter, and to be joining Vienna English Theatre. She is hoping to learn some German, and can’t wait for it to snow.

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