Annie Gregson

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Annie was born and grew up in rural Oxfordshire. As a child, she was a gymnast and spent most evenings mastering back-flips and bar routines at her local club. When she was seven, she started doing impressions of characters from a film called Wayne’s World for her family at the dinner table. From then, she was always encouraged in her desire to perform. She would force friends to perform Spice Girls songs on the stage at school every lunch time, she played Sherlock Holmes at aged eight, and when she was nine, she even managed to convince her friend to help her record a radio play she had written about The Victorians! At age eleven, Annie performed in her first Shakespeare play- and that sealed the deal!

At twenty, she accepted a place at The Guildford School of Acting, where she spent three years learning all about being an actress and of course, all about staying out all night and living purely on baked potatoes and tuna mayonnaise!

In her spare time, Annie enjoys buying vintage hats, eating burgers and pasta and learning about history.
She loves performing to young audiences, she gets very excited about snow and is therefore thrilled to be working with Vienna’s English Theatre. I hope you all enjoy being SPOOOOOOKED!

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