Andrew Walker

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Andrew has recently finished studying his university degree in Acting. After being inspired by the amazing stories and spectacle of what happens whilst watching theatre, Andrew decided to learn the ways and dedicate his time and education in developing the art of acting. During his time at drama school, Andrew had the chance to play many different characters from many different play texts. As well as it being incredibly fun for Andrew to perform as so many different characters, it was also incredibly rewarding to be able to have an effect and move an audience emotionally. Whether that be to complete hysterics or sadness. As well as acting, Andrew is a keen musician, always either humming a tune or tapping out a beat. Andrews love for music came about during his early teens where he was fascinated by the British “Mod” subculture. Influenced by an array of British bands, Andrew decided to give song writing a go, being a firm believer of when you put your mind to something anything is possible. Now Andrew spends his time between living in London, working in a Jamie Oliver restaurant serving beautiful Italian food, writing and playing music to audiences across London and pursuing his professional acting career.

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